Comments about John P. Strelecky and Life Safari


“He (Strelecky) has put his finger on the pulse of the world.”

-Gannett Media (USA TODAY…)

“Thank you! This book changed my life.”

-Helga Peterson, Germany

“Captivating, mysterious, and exciting are the markers that make a book a great read. Life Safari is all that and much, much more. A touching story of self-discovery set in a land ancient, majestic and wondrous. A heartwarming story of relationships, of a life on its’ eve and one at peace. Just like The Why Cafe, I couldn’t put it down.”

-Denise Hicks

Life Safari is a great read – a meeting of the heart and soul.”

-Book Loons

“I could never have imagined on that first day when I sat down and started reading ” The Big Five ” and the Life Safari that they would cause such a difference for my life :) Thanks for writing these books.”

-Brigitte Vollmer

“This is a story to love. Open the cover, take that first step on your Life Safari with Jack and Ma Ma Gombe. You’ll find within ‘the greatest birthplace of all’…to weave your dreams. ‘…because there is nothing more tragic than a life that does not meet the expectations of the person who is living it.’ In that moment, I understood the ‘why’ of my self.”

-Carol Jose, co-author, You Are Not Forgotten

“My son Alexander was given the book Life Safari as a present.( He turned 19 last Wednesday). Even though it was his book I could not take my eyes of it an asked him if I could borrow it. I read the book in one evening and was drawn to it as if a higher force was telling me to read more. The very next day I ordered all your books in the original (English!)version and started with The Why Cafe. I loved every single line! I am now on my way to find my own PFE!! Thank you for publishing your insights. Lots of love and please keep writing.”

-Ruth Maria, Germany

“Charming and beautifull… A soul changing journey to the mysterious and magical continent of Africa.”

-BellaOnline – The Voice of Women

“You have a truly great little book. It brought me back to my days as a Peace Corps teacher in Kenya in 1969 – 70, and was very motivational.”

-Al Giles

“A very compelling story which truly does keep you turning pages to find out what will happen next. The descriptions of the African landscape and wildlife make you feel like you really are there in Africa.”

-A Daring Adventure

“Thank you for your wonderful book (Le Safari de la Vie). I found it on my road at just the right moment. It has been great.”

-Doris Jolicoleur, Quebec

Life Safari is more than a story; it is a journey for the reader, as well. I found myself on my own ‘life safari’ as I read of Jack’s travels in Africa. I listened attentively to Ma Ma Gombe’s wise words to hear how they applied to my own life. Life Safari transported me to another place, and when the destination was reached I cried for the beauty of it all.”

“A fascinating story set in mysterious Africa that is a must read for anyone who feels that he is living a life other than the one he wants and that was meant for him.”

“When I read Life Safari last summer, it planted a seed – one of hope and the wonderful question “can I really?”   Then I read your other books and that seed grew. It took shape in the form of actions to free myself from the things that were preventing me from fulfilling my PFE.  Most of my life was spent helping others achieve their goals and it’s very exciting to have ME be the focus of my energies!  I thank you for that!”

-Pamela Mosby

“Loved it! The adventure of the story makes you want to keep turning pages, and yet the wisdom of the messages cries out for moments of contemplation. Every once in a while you find that something special in a book: where your heart, your soul, and the story you are reading all link up in perfect harmony to take you on an amazing journey. This is one of those books. A tantalizing mix that makes this an absolute must read.”

-Horizons Magazine

Life Safari is a simple story that can be read in one sitting; but each chapter, each lesson that Ma Ma Gombe shares, each adventure with the wild animals, hides a deeper meaning. Interestingly, these “deeper meanings” are universal. Readers, no matter their circumstance in life, can relate and find countless takeaways from the book.  his book is really an essential guide… for a life journey, a life safari, that each of us will have to take.”

“…carries the reader through a lush terrain filled with sensual, vibrant imagery that’s just as delicious as the lumberjack breakfast served up in Strelecky’s previous book, The Why Café. Life Safari is the kind of page-turner that makes you crazy because you just want to savor it slowly. It’s one of those spectacular works that you’ll end up wanting to read more than once.”

“Thank you! Your books make my heart smile, and it did not for a long time.”

-Iane Lemieux, Canada